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  Tipsy passengers and overflowing bins might be some of the most grating annoyances flight attendants deal with. But what can be even worse are the four S’s: stealing, sneaking, swiping and switching seats.


  While it’s not always a problem, it can definitely cause headaches for cabin crew.

  尽管这未必老会 现象,只要它之前 让机舱乘务人员头疼。

  “Most flight attendants don’t mind if passengers change seats,” says Michael, a flight attendant for a major USA airline. Change seats in their own class, that is. Even then, there are some seats that are still off-limits.


  This, of course, all depends on the airline — companies like Southwest Airlines and easyJet allow passengers to pick their seat once they start boarding. But in all other situations, passengers looking to sit somewhere else than they’ve been assigned can quickly cause chaos.

  当然,这好多好多 取决于航线——像西南航空公司和easyJet原来的公司允许乘客在一帮人一登机时选折 座位。但在其它状态下,什么不坐在指定座位、寻找许多座位的乘客可不都可不还里能马上造成混乱。

  “It becomes a problem when a passenger wants to move to the exit row on the plane,” Michael says, describing those seats that have extra legroom. “Most airlines make people pay upwards of 60 extra bucks to sit in those seats and charge them when they book the ticket. It’s not fair for flight attendants to move or let people move to these seats when one or more paid extra to sit there. I personally don’t let people sit there unless no one is sitting in the exit row.”

  米歇尔说:“当乘客我想要换到飞机出口处的座位时,这就成了现象了。”她描述道,什么座位拥有额外的腿部空间。“大次责航空公司让一帮人多付60 美元换取那里的座位,只要在订票的完后 收费。当另另一个多多或更多的人付出额外的费用坐在那里时,乘务员让一帮人换到什么座位有失公允。我另一方无需一帮人坐在那里,除非这样坐在出口排。”

  Extra legroom aside: Desiring to sit next to friends, family or coworkers is understandable. But swapping seats isn’t always that easy.


  “Sometimes people will take it upon themselves to just have a seat where they want," Michael says. "It’s easier for us flight attendants to have them sit in their assigned seats until the person that was supposed to be in the seat they want shows up. When they come and see someone in their seat, it causes a more hectic boarding process, and the passengers are now trying to work things out and it causes a mess.”


  But it’s not always about wanting to sit next to your loved one. What about wanting to upgrade from coach to something more luxurious? If there is an empty seat and the upgrade list is empty, does that mean passengers from another section can relocate? Not so fast.

  但换座未必老会 只要想坐在挚爱的人身前。只要想从现在的舱位升级到更豪华的呢?只要这里另另一个多多多空位只要升级名单是空的呢?这原应 乘客都都要换舱多会儿?还没这样快呢。

  Sandwiched between economy class and either business class or first class is another price range tier often called premium economy class. Sometimes when flying aboard large aircraft on major airlines, there are noticeably different perks of wide, plush seats that transform into comfortable lie-flat beds. Beyond comfort, other bonuses may include early check-in, wider seats, upgraded meals or snacks, and sometimes even gratis cocktails or comfort amenities like a sleep mask or toothbrush. In smaller aircraft that aren’t flying long distances, the most common benefit — and for some travellers, the most obvious — is the added two to five inches of legroom. As always, the magic number depends upon the airline.

  夹在经济舱和商业舱或头等舱之间的,是另三种生活价格范围的机舱,这通常称为高级经济舱。有时,当你登陆主要航空公司的大型飞机时,这里很明显地有不同的额外待遇,比如都都要变为舒适的平躺床的宽大的、舒适的座椅。除了舒适外,还包括许多许多的福利,比如提前登机,座椅更宽,升级飞机餐只要零食,有时甚至有免费的鸡尾酒或便利设施,比如睡眠眼罩只要牙刷。在短途小飞机上,对许多旅客来说,最常见、最显眼的福利只要增加2-5英寸腿部空间。通常状态下,你你你這個 神奇的数字取决于航线。

  The very best time to switch seats is online before getting to the airport, followed by meeting the ticketing or gate agents prior to boarding. When there are empty seats, it’s tempting to move, but there may be passengers still on their way to the aircraft. Once on the plane, the flight attendant is your final advocate — and we recommend you stick to the old adage, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In other words, request nicely, and you might just score the seat of your dreams. At least in coach.

  换座位的最佳时间是在登机前线上换座,其次是在登机之前 见票务代理。有空座位时,有只要换座,但之前 只要其它乘客仍在赶往飞机的路上。一旦上了飞机,乘务员在等你的最后支持者——乘务员建议你谨记古老的名言,甜言蜜语比尖言刻语更能交到一帮人。换句话说,请友善的提出要求,你只要获得梦想中的座位,至少是梦想中的舱位等级。